These programs are designed to ensure that all Club members graduate from high school on time, ready for a post-secondary education and a 21st-century career.  We want to help our members build a strong foundation to realize their goals. Our educational programs allow young people to explore their options and reach their full potential as a leader of tomorrow.

Below is a sampling of Boys and Girls Club Educational Programming:

  • Power Hour – (All ages)

    • Power Hour offers a structured time and place for Club staff, academic tutors, and volunteers to help members understand and complete their homework assignments on time. Members are better prepared for classes and proud of their hard work and accomplishments. This program also helps members become self-directed, resourceful, and independent learners. 

  • STEM – (All ages)

    • The Club’s STEM programs empower youth to create new solutions to real-world challenges. Club members are developing a foundation of technology skills by exploring computer science, building mobile apps, designing robots, and more! This project-based approach develops digital-aged literacy, inventive thinking, problem solving and other 21st century skills critical to success in the STEM workforce and beyond. After-school and summer learning environments provide unique opportunities to advance STEM knowledge and increase interest in STEM-related careers.
  • Project Learn – (All ages)

    • Project Learn is a holistic strategy supporting Youth-Centered Learning in Clubs. Project Learn is intended to complement and reinforce what youth learn during the school day, while creating experiences that invite them to fall in love with learning. Rooted in social-emotional development practices, programs in this area enable all youth to be effective, engaged, adaptive learners who are on track to graduate with a plan for the future. As an informal learning space, Clubs have an opportunity to offer both remediation and enrichment, all while inviting youth to discover and pursue passions that connect to future opportunities. Project Learn includes experiential learning, so that youth learn actively, through a “hands-on and mind-on” approach.
  • NBA Math Hoops – (Ages 8-14)

    • Leverages the game of basketball and the NBA/WNBA brands to build fundamental math and social-emotional skills through a physical and digital basketball-themed board game, a curriculum, and a community program experience. Designed for students in grades 4-8, this free program develops students’ algebra readiness prior to entering high school, while strengthening important skills including self-regulation and executive function.