Summer Membership

Dear Boys & Girls Club parents and guardians,  

The Boys & Girls Club of Manitowoc County is thrilled to make summer a fun learning experience for so many! We believe that summer is a great time to give kids opportunities to develop new friendships, play, continue to learn, and experience new things.   

2023 Summer Membership Information

The Boys & Girls Club of Manitowoc County’s Summer Membership will once again feature a wide-ranging array of fun and exciting programs. Sports and recreation, Fine arts, small group discussions, leadership and community service, field trips, STEM, Summer Brain Gain, and much, much more.

The Club will offer breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack through the Summer Food Service Program. 

  • What: The Boys & Girls Club of Manitowoc County 2023 Summer Membership
  • Who: Youth ages 6-12
  • Where: The Boys & Girls Club of Manitowoc County, 3651 Dewey St. Manitowoc
  • When: June 12th – August 18th; Monday-Fridays; 8:00am-5:30pm
  • Important Dates:
    • March 27th – Registration Opens
    • Mid- April – Applications approved & confirmation emails will be sent out
    • June 12th – Summer Membership Starts
    • July 3rd & 4th – Club Closed
    • July 24th – Club Closed
    • August 18th – Summer Membership Ends

How do I register my child?  

We are excited to share that we have launched our Caregiver Portal! The Caregiver Portal is a part of our new membership management system that will enhance our registration process, is easy to use and will help connect Club Staff and caregivers more easily! For more information on the Caregiver Portal, please click here. If you are already familiar with the Caregiver Portal, please use the button below to register for Summer Membership!

The registration process has changed so you will need to create a Caregiver Portal account before you can register for Summer Membership. Please select from the two options below to get registered for Summer Membership:

Option 1 – Create a Caregiver Portal account! Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to login and register for Summer.

Option 2 – You’ve already created a Caregiver Portal account? Great! You’re ready to login and register for Summer Membership. Please feel free to refer to the Caregiver Portal Resource Guide for more information on how to register for Summer.

Reminder: Applications will be processed on a need’s basis. You should know for sure by mid-April if your Summer Membership has been processed.

Scheduling & Attendance Requirements 

Frequency of attendance is an important component of a quality and impactful Club experience, we want to make sure that the children we enroll are going to use the program on average at least three days per week throughout the summer. If your intention is to have your child participate at a lesser frequency, it is possible that we may not be able to enroll your child or may have to put them on a waiting list. 

Enrollment Criteria  

The Boys & Girls Club’s mission is to serve all young people, especially those who need us most. Enrollment decisions are therefore not made on a first-come-first-served basis but instead are based upon the needs of the child and the family for our services and frequency of attendance. Please contact Connor Schultz, Unit Director at or 920-905-5522 if you would like us to know more about your child’s needs.  

Fee Information

It is our mission to ensure that we serve the youth in our community who need us most and that a family’s income level is not a barrier to participation.  Thanks to the generosity of many friends and supporters of the Boys & Girls Club of Manitowoc County, families of extremely low to middle income will be provided a substantially subsidized program fee. As always, we understand that families face various challenges outside of income level and we ask that you reach out if you need help managing the cost of your child’s participation. The fee structure for the BGCMC 2023 Summer Membership is outlined below for your reference. Any membership, participation, or summer fees only apply to youth ages 7 and older.

The Boys & Girls Club of Manitowoc County strives to ensure that financial limitations never prevent a child from fully participating in our programs and services. Families who need financial assistance or to set up a payment plan should reach out to Connor Schultz,

How do I know my child has been accepted into the summer program? 

We will contact you via email with the status of your registration by mid-April. If you do not receive an email by then, please contact Connor Schultz at 920-905-5522 or

What if registration is full? 

If we have reached maximum capacity, we will place your child on a waiting list and contact you if space becomes available. Children in certain high-needs situations such as those who are homeless will not be placed on a waiting list and will be allowed to participate immediately. 

Outstanding balances 

If your account is not current, you will also be asked to bring it up to date or set up a payment plan prior to finalizing enrollment for your child for 2023 Summer Membership. As always, the Boys & Girls Club works hard to ensure all children can participate regardless of their household income levels. Please let us know if you need help managing and covering the cost of participation. We never want an inability to pay to keep a child from becoming a Club member. 

Field Trips  

Details on the field trip opportunities and how to sign up will be sent directly to enrolled families via email. Field trips are only available for members ages 7-12 years old. There is a non-refundable fee for each field trip that has to be paid prior to the day of the field trip. If a Club member is having trouble following expectations prior to or during the field trip, they may not be eligible to travel and/or caregivers may be contacted to pick up their child from the field trip or the Club. If a youth expresses that they are not interested in attending the field trip they are signed up for the day of they will not be forced to attend and will be allowed to stay at Club. 

Face Masks

At this time, the use of face masks within our facilities for Club members and staff is optional.  Face-coverings are barriers worn over the mouth and nose to reduce viral transmission. Face shields will not be allowed unless approved as part of a health or IEP plan.  We will continuously monitor guidelines and recommendations made by the CDC and DHS and update families upon any changes to this policy.